Drugnod Pact

Period512 - 746

The Drugnod Pact was a deal made me between the Drugnod of Kashu'khas and Demogorgon. The basis of this pact was that in return for Demogorgon's aid in improving the family's fortunes - getting rid of obstacles, helping make future leaders, the Drugnod would have to give over a dozen of their family members in a future generation decided upon by Demogorgon.

After the deal, the children of Drugnod were born of a liberal dose of magic, dosed with demon alchemist concoctions, and in a few cases, demon intercourse. Of the latter, these resulted in cambions of Gnoll heritage, destined to be runts of the litter, half-breeds never to improve their position in a cruelly competitive family.

The deal also included knowledge transfer. A succubus named Zhosilix, in service to Demogorgon since the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), was assigned to the Kashu'khas. Every nine months, she would be summoned and unbound. For the next three months, every year, she trained the Drugnod daughters in courtly matters, intrigue, diplomacy, and the art of hand-to-hand combat. Drugged with demon elixirs, they often continued late into the night, reading and debating math, sciences, and alchemy.

By the age of sixteen, the first Cadet of Zhosilix was leading a war band of two-hundred. With females getting the special training and the glory that usually followed, male infanticide became a constant problem for the Drugnods.

The Drugnod Dynasty was founded four decades after the start of the pact. Its founder and empress was Gaufthaur Drugnod, second generation daughter of the Drugnod Pact, 10th Cadet of Zhosilix.

In 746, Demogorgon sent the Widows of Modrerthim to claim his end of the deal. Set in motion during the Hlothangi Insurgency, it sealed the end of the Drugnod family and their empire.