Anubeth is a fiery region in the southeastern part of Elemantum. It is south of Magrâbik and east of Igas. The region is named after the Nithian archmage Anubeth who once sought to take control of it. In the Magrâbik Feud, she warred with her brother Igas. After Anubeth transfered her sentience into the Pumice Throne, the southeastern tracts of Magrâbik began to change. This came about from the opening of the Glothreth Rift.

The Anubeth region is largely ruled by the Flaemis empire. The elemental landscape of the region is hot, smoky, blasted by exploding volcanoes, and subject to frequent earthquakes. The landscape can change unpredictably with a volcano appearing where there was none a day before. The volatile landscape is attributed to the artifact Pumice Throne in the bowels of Glothreth.

The Pumice Throne is powerfully sentient, and opposed by the Glacial Throne which is likewise under limited control of the Artaxertus empire.

Anubeth is surrounded on three sides by the Elemantum Boundary Ward. The non-warded side faces Igas. The Elemantum Boundary Ward was created to contain the forces unleashed by the Glacial and Pumice Thrones. This includes the seemingly eternal conflict between Artaxertus and the Flaemis.

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