Anubeth is a fiery region of Elemantum's southeast. It is south of the region Magrâbik and east of Igas's frigid landscape.

In the Nilkhâs Feud, two sibling wizards took their rivalry to extremes when they built two powerful artifacts. Anube seized Anubeth, the region she was named after, and her brother Igacin seized the adjacent region of Igas, likewise named after. When Anube transfered her sentience into the Pumice Throne, powering it up, her first act was to open the Glothreth Rift. This had the effect of slowly turning the land into a volcanic region akin to the fiery wastes of Muspelheim.

Anubeth is hot, smoky, blasted by active volcanoes, and subject to frequent earthquakes. The landscape can change unpredictably with a volcano appearing where there was none a day before.

This region is surrounded on three sides by the Elemantum Boundary Ward. This magical barrier was built to contain the destructive forces wielded by the Glacial and Pumice Thrones. The open side of this ward faced into the icy wastes of Igas.

Cities of Fire
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