The valley Moredhel is sited between the easternmost peaks of the Kimaris mountain range. This part of mountains is much easier to cross than its northern parts. As a result, the valley has many routes through to the Broken Lands and the greener areas south. The valley stretches 200 miles from its south point at Elphion to north at the Fihrgrell Cap.

For two centuries of the Demon Spawn War, the valley was partially submerged in the seawater of an Abyssal ocean called Fihrgrell. When the The Frozen Titan was put in place (9457 GE), the waters of this alien sea were brought to a trickle. Today, salt deposits of the time when Fihrgrell's waters flooded the valley are all over the place. This abyssal tainted salt has slight drug-like properties making it sought after in certain markets.

After the Demon Spawn War, a large group of Aarakocra settled here. They are known today as the Ackairon.

In the First Epoch, many battles were fought in its southern part. These were over the resources of the Pugad Hills, an area claimed by Merorarg, a Niratar holding, yet coveted by Ba'lith's land-hungry leader.

The most storied conflict of this valley was the War of the Three Queens (601 - 603). In this war, three sister-queens perished - Queen Sanglamore, Queen Sarquiness, and Queen Bleeberghast. Although the mortal lives of these three Queens ended, their souls carried on in three powerful swords named Bleeberghast, Sanglamore, and Sarquiness.

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