The Adrumals came to power in the early period of the First Epoch. They were the second family to become part of what is now called the Minâth-Nôrî. They resided in Chal-Kazod and acquired their wealth and power from farming. They controlled the wheat in the granaries of the city. The silos and warehouses holding these were in small keeps owned by the Adrumuls. This ownership allowed them to control prices and even coerce the rulers into seeing things their way.

The Adrumuls instigated the Adrumul-Belkazim War. In 275, the war ended and the Adrumuls became the second noble family. They established the Kingdom of Adrumul, which included their territory and that of the Kingdom of Belkazim. The Adrumuls were dethroned by assassination in 346. The Belkazim family once again took the reigns of rule with the formation of the First Khazarkar Empire.

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Adrumuls migrated to Cinazan. In this region they continue to be large landowners and make their wealth in farming. Most of the family have their holdings in and around Barun-Mitân.

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