The Adrumals came to power in the early period of the First Epoch. They were the second family to become part of what is now called the Minâth-Nôrî, the elite families of Khazarkar society. They were home to Chal-Kazod, acquiring their wealth and power from farming. They controlled the wheat in Chal-Kazod's granaries, the silos and warehouses were in walled compounds, small keeps owned by the Adrumuls. This ownership allowed them to control prices and coerce the city's leaders into seeing things their way. The state's ideas of taking it for more equitable distribution were countered by the Adrumuls personal armies. These forces were large, a third the size of Belkazim's forces, guarding the granary compounds and dotting the countrywide the Adrumals had 17 keeps and 7 castles. They guarded the farmlands from beast and raiders, and always a point of concern for any ideas of radical change by those seated on the Inverted Throne.

Instigators of the Adrumul-Belkazim War (273 - 275), the House of Adrumal was in power by war's end. They established the Kingdom of Adrumul, replacing the House of Belkazim, beginning a long-lasting rivalry.

In 346, the Adrumul's top leaders, were taken out by Belkazim assassins.

In the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Adrumuls migrated to Cinazan. In this region they continue to be large landowners and make their wealth in farming. Most of the family have their holdings in and around Barun-Mitân.

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