Black Chariot

CategoryMarvels, Submersibles

In 1824, explorers in the employ of the Khazarkar government, delved into the Mannakhôr Ruin. Suffering heavy casualties, they escaped with a number of ancient texts. One of these spoke of something called the Black Chariot. It was said to be a sleek black device of great size and power, able to move through the seas unseen and impervious to magical detection. Discussions led to the thesis that the Black Chariot is most likely a version of the fabled Eyes, though built for underwater operations.

After this discovery, the Khazarkars put in motion a long-range plan. They stirred interest in their scheme when more and more Khazarkar crewed ships were spotted passing the Buccaneer Archipelago and sailing beyond into the towering waves of the Mephigax. They were seen in the ports of Iory Asylum, Ba'lith, Paradomea, and the Council of Bile. The claimed to be expanding trade, buying ships built for crossing the Mephigax, and establishing relations bruised from their shared past. Military intelligence of the aforementioned empires was to prove otherwise.

In 1825, a Paradomean spy overheard Arch Cabal Phêrî Hama-Ulmar, the religious dictator of the Khazarkar Empire, giving the go ahead for a great religious crusade. The sole objective was recovering a relic said to be created by their god Set. Phêrî proclaimed that as the chosen people of Set, it was Khazarkar property, a holy relic of their beloved, and only god.

In 1826, the Chariot War began with the Khazarkars attacking Valdirinwë. The Inge'rya, a powerful sahuagin empire of the region, sided with the Khazarkars. It was they that gave the Khazarkars hints of the location of an ancient relic of Set, hidden in a great scar beneath the waves, in an area masked by great magic, lie a sleek black vessel. The tomes recovered from Mannakhôr convinced Khazarkar's fanatics that this could only be the Black Chariot, the god-forged submersible that once served as Set's secretive base beneath the waves.

In the elderaunt legend Elephant Reverence, it is said that Jurmalon spent his lays days in the Black Chariot.