Ownerindependent city-state
Founded4 Saunas 9303 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, Tarâk and Blibdoolpoolp were competitors. Both vied for the peoples of the subterranean reaches, desiring the divine power they would garner from worship.

Fongruk-Toa is an ancient kuo-toan city of the subterranean region Ikešai.

The founders were the remnants of kuo-toans fleeing the wrath of Tarâk's armies. They retreated from the shore caves of Lake Murkin, then down passages into Garathral. At Lake Fishur they entered the Murkin Channel, teleporting them thousands of miles away. By the end of 9212 GE, thousands had resettled in Anulu.

About a century later, Fongruk-Toa was founded. Devoted to Blibdoolpoolp, they were instrumental in her Ascension in 9480 GE. The original intent for building Fongruk-Toa was to serve as a temple to her. As time passed, the temple grew in size, as did the number of sacrifices. When they could not find humanoids to sacrifice, they had to give up their own or raid other kuo-toa settlements around Fishur.

In the First Epoch, Fongruk-Toa returned to their early beginning, distant descendants raiding the shores of Murkin and later the Underdark areas adjacent to this surface lake. In Year 409, Fongruk-Toa forged a military alliance with the illithid leadership of Ginrall. The goal of both parties was the capture of Elalmoth. After the fall of this city-state, the kuo-toans turned on their Diortfel Pact ally. The conflict between them ended several years later with Ginrall giving up any claim or use of the Murkin Channel.

Fongruk-Toa spreads from the shores of Fishur to deep underwater. Many of the underwater buildings have pockets of air or have air circulated into them. These areas are usually places for air-breathing slaves. Fongruk-Toa's slave population is about 40% of its population.

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