Ivory Imperialism

Period971 - present

Late in the First Epoch, Ivory Asylum was the dominant naval power of the Pearl Sea. Becoming an imperialist power, Ivory Asylum spread their culture and interests to Azrik, Ma'Ohari and south into Pipe Home.

On Azrik, in 971, they established a trading post at Lorfin-Bator. The elderaunts allowed a local minotaur tribe, ignoring the tribe's claim to the land they were occupying, to remain in the vicinity. The minotaurs swallowed their pride for access to foreign goods, thus began a brisk trade between Lorfin-Bator and Rîni's merchants. After a time though, minotaurs that were not benefiting from the trade began to show their dislike of the foreign policy coming out of Lorfin-Bator and what more and more seemed like an imperialist agenda spreading west from across the Minotaur Inlet.

One of the incidents that resulted in serious unrest between the minotaurs and Lorfin-Bator was a law forbidding the hunting or capture of elephants within twenty miles of the city. Over the next nine years, this conflict, along with others, led to Ivory Asylum's complete abandonment of Azrik.

In 1020, they built on the western coasts of Ma'Ohari, founding Ivory Ward. This place and Salandirik would for many centuries become major ports and act as defenses against Ba'lith aggression and the growing pirate threat coming out of the Buccaneer Archipelago.