Allof Stond War

Period455 - 470
VS Megrlof

The Allof Stond War began over high trade tolls imposed by Megrlof on traffic going between the surface and the Underdark. At the time, Megrlof's fire giants controlled the Inyon'van passage which served as a major trade route between the surface city Andrithiach and the Underdark city Hlothrabatta.

Since Megrlof was unwilling to sign more equitable trade agreements, the Melephaeusa and the Hlothrabatta city-state joined forces, making war on Megrlof's fire giants.

In 467, Megrlof was dealt a fatal blow when they were cut-off from the lava river Ofli Hrolmir. This happened when mines were collapsed over the lava tube south of Allof Stond. Melephaeusan wizards then put permanent spells on the area to keep the lava from burning through and to deter any interlopers from clearing the collapse. In several months, the lava lake cooled allowing the superior numbers of the enemy to march across the obsidian and lava stone lake bed against Megrlof's fortifications. Once the lava had cooled and hardened, defenses originally built having a lava lake as support, were easily undermined and Megrlof fell.

On 9 War March 470, the Inyon'van Agreement was signed. As part of this peace treaty, Megrlof had to be abandoned. Most of the bastion's occupants headed south to Trelshum and Thrammaer where they split up as refugees among the various holds.

In the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), one of these spells that cover the collapse warped into something else. This resulted in an area of ice that though resistant to the flow of lava, is as hot to the touch as the molten river on its southern side.