Typehalfling sub-race

Nermaneans are halflings with blood lines tracing back to Nermanea. In the wars with their brethren in the Seven Vales, the Nermaneans were forced east into Cinazan. When their city-states were merged together to form the Nermanis Syndicate, they became the mercantile powerhouse of northern Brucrumus. During its prime, this empire earned a bad reputation for cornering the market. This is where the saying "Nermanean business" came from. It means to stifle competition and control prices. The Nermanean culture is one of competition, trade, and sometimes callous disregard for the competitors misfortunes. Some Nermaneans of today, still hold these trade and cultural values. Nermaneans are in other respects like normal halflings, only differing by regional influences.

Nermaneans are deeply proud of what was accomplished under the Nermanis Syndicate. They consider themselves distinct from other halflings, very haughty. Nermaneans have tight family groups, but this is not to stay they won't step on their own kin if a business opportunity presents itself.

Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity.

- Nermanean proverb

Nermaneans ancestry traces back to the Seven Vales of the Hairfoots. For a time,they cornered the markets of these valleys, hampering growth and prosperity. In the Mammon Purge, they left Nermanea and the other vales, going east and southeast into the Cinazan Region. In 395, they founded Rabaranda. From this city on the Core Sea, they spread east founding Maurkac and then Bathor. After the fall of the Nermanis Syndicate, the Nermaneans scattered, ending up all over, citizens of Paradomea, Khazarkar Empire, Ithengee, and others. The Khazarkar Empire is home to the largest Nermanean population. In this empire, they carry on their mercantile traditions, holding considerable influence over trade.

Racial Traits
Merchant Legacy 5% discount on all purchases
Emissary +1 Charisma
Racial as halfling