CategoryFallen Empires
Wood Elf55%
Wood Woad20%
Alignmentchaotic good
Reign1945 HE - 222

In the Horgon Era, a century after Râpha-Sûn was free of Abâthigûr, trappers, loggers and miners began making their presence known in the Gul valley. This area was loosely claimed by wood elves, sprites, thorns, wood woads and other fey types. These were nomadic peoples with no permanent settlements. When they learned that their aggressive neighbors had laws dictating that control of an area was based on permanent settlements, they built Norilenwen. They then buttressed their position by forming the Ethenoran confederacy. For many years after, Râpha-Sûn respected the rights of the valley's inhabitants.

In the Holentur War, Râpha-Sûn steadily gained strength over the confederacy. Ethenoran's Spiritual Council made many overturns of peace with their aggressors, but Râpha-Sûn refused anything but total ownership of Holentur's adamantine mines. Naturally, the confederacy's wood elves, with their special connection to the forest, refused. The end came in 222, when Holentur, the heart and strength of the confederacy, was occupied.

At its peak, Ethenoran controlled a vast area stretching from Holentur to lake Waloom. It was loosely controlled with local leaders often handling matters themselves. Râpha-Sûn's war council, following ancient Durkoth war manuals, took full advantage of this.

In the same way a dryad is linked to a specific tree, the wood elves of Holentur were spiritually attached to the forest around them. This magical link is what allowed them to move through the forest with the speed and grace of a high-level druid.

and with the last breath of the Ethenorans, the magical Ethenoran Woods died off with them. Over the next several weeks, the woodlands petrified and sank into the earth.

- excerpt from the book - "Holentur Petrification"