RegionIce Cap
Founded5 Temporal 776

Mogdúlg was founded late in the First Epoch by a band of nomadic goliath. They were drawn to setting up a permanent settlement here because of the area's font of power. Shamans used this font, an entropic energy rift, to build magic items, research new spells, and sometimes draw in a hopeful ally of Chaos. These creatures were usually used to help them defeat their foes or provide knowledge of some matter they were working on. After a time, they realized that prolonged use of this energy rift had side effects. It tainted things made with it and those who used it. Some of the creatures that came to help the goliath conjurers were lackeys of Krak-Oth. They came to spread to the influene of their master, educating mortals on the ways of their dark lord.

In 783, a bunch of Mogdúlg citizens were swayed to embrace Chaos. They founded the chaos spreading cult Entropy. This cult has had considerable influence in the rise of Neeth-Theen and were responsible for infusing the city, the valley Hleittil, and all in it when they opened the Sink of Chaos. The city's energy rift is called the Flux Draw. It has been used to build an arsenal of Chaos Cannons for the city's defense and for artillery units of the Horde of Chaos.

In 1829, the Chaos Maelstrom created a breach in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. It also froze part of the Nautrek ocean. A large Cinderfall army under Field Marshall Sorenass, broke out of their fiery homeland and crossed the temporary land-bridge between Elemantum and Brucrumus. They marched against the first civilization they encountered. This resulted in a short siege of Neeth-Theen's capital. The siege was lifted after the invaders were enticed to join the Flux Pact. The Cinderfall were easily convinced to move on. They did not like Hleittil's instability. Its strong chaotic influence was unnerving, even debilitating to some of Sorenass's weaker troops. The promise of riches and battle was all they needed to head south, join the Cinazan Front.

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