Hive Swarm

The region Hive is sited south of Azrik and Gulimbor. It is a land home to swarms of vermin like knell beetles, locusts, brood keepers, and other dangerous and monstrous insects of sometimes exceptional intelligence. Some of the more intelligent bugs can gather hordes of insects under them and then drive them into a frenzy. Probably the most dangerous dangerous things of the Hive are Hive Swarms. These swarms of non-intelligent to intelligent insects have wiped out villages and towns, and when they merge or someone is coaxing them to merge, they have become large enough to take on armies, and even empires. They have been responsible for driving many humanoids out of the region and even threatening the existence of the Ba'lith.

The Hive population fluctuates constantly, but always poses a threat to Ba'lith such that they have two armies stationed along their southern borders. The insects are not limited to the Hive, for the flyers are problematic along the coasts, sometimes preying on ships passing through Salzârrâk. Their presence in this strait has made all of it's central islands uninhabitable to humanoids. Ivory Asylum, Ba'lith, the peoples of Orachan, and others have all failed to keep any lasting hold on the islands.

No lasting contact has been established with the intelligent members of this so-called "Bug Country". Any sort of peace or lull in activity is only temporary, with food and weather the most determining factors for Hive Swarm formation.

In the First Epoch, Gimrune explorers trekked the land and explored some of the region's ancient ruins. As time progressed, they began to encounter larger and larger pacts of insects. When they encountered hive swarms, they were often driven back to their ships or wiped out to a man. Much of the history on the Auhtai came from these early explorers. They claim that in the Lith-Crillion Era, the Auhtai civilization reached a remarkable level of scientific advancement, but seemed to have wanted to control nature's creatures too much for certain gods.

What happened to these people is somewhat of a mystery and will remain so until the hive swarms have been whittled down to a minor nuisance. There are few records of the Auhtai, with the Gimrune being the best source. Evidence collected by them suggests that the Auhtai were wiped out by the very insects they created.

- Dagnaug, historian of Oscillator - "Bug Makers"

Beneath the Hive is the Underdark region Maenedhel.

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