Holy Grail of Phalgas
RegionLands of Purity

Elberial is the oldest and largest forest of the Sylvan Kingdoms. The most lofty of trees rise to heights of more than 500 feet. One of the more storied places of this forest is Elamir. This bastion, blending seamlessly in with nature, was built by Ancalimë wood elves that came to this part of the world to found a colony, and a century later the Galadriël Kingdom. Elamir's garrison of highly skilled rangers and druids, serve as wards of the Elberial.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the forest was set aflame many times. This was the result of the lich Katrana's activation of the dragon relic Zuwuth Uv Enkii. In 1484, this powerful artifact, forged by Surtur, enchanted by the red dragon Ahnutrix, was unleased upon Hadraniel. This led to the creation of two volcanoes, bringing fiery destruction for many years after. For a time, Elberial was better known as the Ashen Forest.

In 1533, the Golden Elite captured the Elder Orb of Embers. This destroyed Katrana's control over the lava flows of Ginzarak, broke the charms affecting many dragons, and released the dwarves of Maharâg from their curse.

The Ankh of Phalgas, a powerful artifact, was also recovered from the lair of a powerful black dragon and used to restore the charred and tangled forests too much of their former beauty. The mountains, craters, dry lava beds, and dormant cones of the once violent volcanic region still exist in the Sylvan Kingdoms - testimony of the unbridled power of the Elder Orb.