Elephant Backbone Ušuškad

RegionIzagunbar, Karnegmoth, Weretopia
AliasesBenattanul, Ušuškad
MapElephant Backbone Mountains

Elephant Backbone is an titanic mountain range that nearly spans the breadth of Straiden. Elephant Backbone has had a number of names, each depending on the era. The current naming didn't come about till the rise of Ivory Asylum. It was known as Benattanul to the Lith-Crillion, and in the Dawn Era, the god Bal-Kriav named it Ušuškad.

The Elephant Backbone has the loftiest peaks of Bal-Kriav. It's peaks tower over the surrounding lands with the central spires rising to nearly 60,000'. These majestic peaks can be seen for hundreds of miles in all directions, and are an awe-inspiring sight for first time travelers to Straiden. From the Pearl Sea, one can see towering peaks that rise far beyond the clouds, with elevations approaching twenty miles above sea-level, the peaks of the Elephant Backbone are breath-taking. These peaks act as a semi-impassable southern border for both Karnegmoth and Izagunbar.