Andrithiach before the Cataclysm
Founded17 Artifice 298

In 296, colonists of Tasartir, those with ideals of a different form of rule, crossed the Salzârrâk Sea in Rîni military transports. They then went inland, crossing the Azrik Region where on 17 Artifice 298 they founded the settlement of Andrithiach. These colonists, mostly Kriavfahliil, built it in a valley they named Sorfandien. The western side of the city followed a river canyon to the shores of the Droorlow. They settled near this large placid lake for reasons of water and old relationships. Families with strong shamans, wanted to renew their ties with the water spirits; something they had lost while inland at Tasartir.

The Andrithiachians established a government based on the principles of the Gwildath Bureaucratic Codices, a monarchical rule like their Gwildath ancestors.

Bureaucracy was ingrained in the fabric of every Andrithiachian, it was the basis of laws formulated by the Gwildath, curbing the Kriavfahliil's natural entropic urges. The colonists that left Kriav for the faraway world of Bal-Kriav, brought the GBC with them. The Andrithiach followed the GBC, just as their ancestors once did at Celanil and where they still do in Gwildath.

- Caliguworm, personal journal, Series 21A, Book 4-1B, Entry 3-D5 - "Control the Natural Urge"

In 299, the Melephaeusa Monarchy was established with Andrithiach its capital.

Before the Gulimor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), one could look out from the city's battlements at dense evergreen forests in every direction. Today, Andrithiach is a great ruin, haven to monsters, bandits, and magical creatures left over from the cataclysm. In more recent time, it has served as a base for minotaur rebels looking to unseat Ba'lith's current leader.

Andrithiach's sewers and labyrinths connect with the Inyon'van passages that lead down to Fangath. This area is said to be very dangerous, home to all manner of magical creatures and living spells.

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