In the First Epoch, the Woad jungle covered a vast area. It was a natural border between the lands of the khazarkars and the territories of the Tragaran tribes.

In the Year 822, Woad was set aflame by a legendary dragon named Sebgult. The wyrm terrorized he region for months, destroying towns and towers of both the khazarkars and the Tragarans.

Woad supplied much of the timber for the First Khazarkar Empire and the Burterinii. The two nations were always having territorial disputes over logging and mineral rights.

The forest was heavily damaged by fires and magical energies in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). The departure of the khazarkars from Gulimbor allowed nature, over a very long time, to return the forest to its former splendor.

Today, Woad is twice the size of what it was during the First Epoch. At the southeastern tip of the jungle is the ancient ruins of Chal-Kazod. At the opposite corner of Woad are the ruins of Ing-Serold.

Notable Areas