CategoryHigher Powers
WorldHestavar (Arcadia)
Alignmentlawful neutral
DomainKnowledge, Magic, Spell, Oracle
Born14 Bloom 1892 DE
Godhood25 Brighstar 9487 GE

Arcana is often called the Goddess of the Arcane. Like many other Higher Powers, she came to renown in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). She served at Irraiand other legendary bastions. She was a purveyor of primordial artifacts and information. When a heavy dose of magic was needed, she fought alongside the Golden Seven in their battles against the primordials. Her great intelligence was valued so much, that she was often posted to relatively safe areas of a battlefield. Arcana also served as a record-keeper for the Creation War and the early history of the world Bal-Kriav. She also had a voice in naming places across Straiden which is why some are in the Supernal tongue. Most of these places were named by Arcana, and a few by Bal-Kriav.

Arcana and Atlas fell in love during the later years of the Dawn Era. Their relationship waxes and wanes, and in good times they have children. In the Dawn Era, they had had their first son, naming him Gortun. When he was killed in the Creation War, Arcana blamed Atlas for this death. Atlas was unable to convince Arcana that their son died doing his duty, so the two gods went their separate ways. They came back together for a brief time and helped to build a monument for their son. This place is called Gortuns Rock. Gortun is said to be buried beneath this ancient bastion. In the God Era, they were back together for a time, giving birth to their first daughter, Polyxo. Unlike Gortun, she is much like her mother.

In the First Epoch, 20 Temporal 1, she and Silvanus established an alliance of gods called The Balance. This groups promotes harmony among the pantheon and strives to keep balance among them.

In the Year 27, Arcana created the Turgon Boundary Ward; a containment field that keeps the abyssal hordes from escaping Turgon.

In 1513, Arcana helped a group of mortals close the Abyssal Funnel.

Arcana is worshiped by those seeking knowledge. At one time or another in their lives, most intelligent creatures will beseech her for guidance.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
AzrunâthEldritch Conclave
DafrlamiLoremasters of Ermikel
Known Powers
Arcane Masteryall Arcane spells cast by Arcana are maximized and extended at no penalty
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Feel the Weaveworshipper using the Quicken Spell feat only takes up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell's current level
Follower Boons
Arcane Potencyarcane spells have a +1 DCnone
Implements of Magicwands, staff, rods deliver 10% more damagepriests