Conclave War

Period995 - 999
First Khazarkar Empire VS Burterinii

The Conclave War was started by the First Khazarkar Empire. This war, like the rest of the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), was waged for territorial domination. The war started with the Siege of Thular-Tûr (c.f. Thular-Tûr). It this battle, the Eldritch Conclave started using web weavers. Thular-Tûr fell when a magical storm wrecked a greater part of this Burterinii border fortress.

In 997, the Tragarans managed to kill two high ranking mages of the Eldritch Conclave. They did this with special constructs called void assassins. These stealthy golems made their way behind enemy lines and took out both of their targets. The golems then exploded. This created a temporary rip into the continuity of the multi-verse, a void. Everything within twenty feet of this void, and that wasn't bolted down, was sucked in and lost forever. After these assassinations, the Conclave took extra precautions against these type of golems.

In the Battle of Woad, the army of the Eldritch Conclave was surprised when the forest seemed to come alive and hamper their movement. The druidic magic of the Burterinii was unexpected. As a result, many troops were killed from strangulation by vines, poison thorns, and falling branches. The druid's aggressiveness ended up costing the lives of all the top druids of the Burterinii. Their sacrifice allowed Ing-Serold to bolster it's defenses and provide more time for the evacuation of the city's non-combatants and refugees.

Early in 998, the Eldritch Conclave began the siege of Ing-Serold. This siege lasted a year. The initial assault on the city was made at night by a dozen mages under a fly spell and improved invisibility. Each hurled a fireball into the city. This was followed by a barrage of catapult missiles and arrows. These attacks had little effect on the city. The place was fortified for a magical war and it's sixty foot thick walls were lined with lead and magically buttressed. There were twenty major assaults on the place before Ing-Serold fell. The fall of this city ended the Conclave War.

When the Conclave marched towards Ing-Serold, the Burterinii began evacuating the refugees and non-combatants. These people were taken across the channel to Sillutho. From there, they were then taken north to the new settlements being built on the eastern coasts of Tha'lith.

Notable Battles
  • Battle of Woad
  • Siege of Ing-Serold
  • Siege of Thular-Tûr