Begnhidrir War

Period170 - 185
TheaterCinazan, Ice Cap
Ice Brothers Pact VS Draguron Empire

In the Year 170, Empress Loreah, hobgoblin leader of the Draguron Empire, pushed north into lands claimed by the city-state of Hel. As a military dictator, Loreah cast aside notions of paying off your enemies and sowing dissent, applying direct force. She wanted a true empire, one answering to a central authority for all matters, and the ending of bribery and good-will coin to keep the frontier secure. In her cross-hairs were places like Hel and Vigring, along with many smaller places.

Successful in the first give years, doubling the empire's sphere of control, resistance came with the growing numbers joining the Ice Brothers Pact. In 185, economically broken, the capital in flames, its empress dead, the Draguron Empire sued for peace. Totally defeated, they had no choice but to sign the Peace of Moth, dismantling a four-hundred year old empire.