Founded17 Saunas 128 LE

Tal'tich was founded early in the Lith-Crillion Era by the Auhtai. Like many other places of the Hive Region, it was depopulated by ravenous Hive Swarms.

In 201, Tragarans out of Lanirûk, explored this ruin. The most notable find was crystal obloids containing the minds of a Auhtai hoping to prolong their psyche for eternity. These Auhtai Obloids were instrumental in opening the minds of those with psionic potential, making Lanirûk and later the Borillisk Empire, centers of psionic schooling and research.

In 341, Khazarkar explorers found preserved Auhtai eggs in what had become a wetland ruin. Unlike when the Tragarans explored the area, finding a desolate area devoid of life, the Khazarakars found the ruin to be bordering an area rich in life. The druidic engineered wetland, and the ruin, were under the watch of the Gwaelergoth Circle; an order of druids that had been battling the insect swarms of the region for thousands of years. They often blamed explorers for exciting the region's bugs, turning them into Hive Swarms. Against the advisement of the Circle's druids, the Khazarkar explorers took Auhtai eggs back to Akann'ndâb. After alchemists successfully incubated them, they were turned over to the Athirbêni's special weapons division.

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