RegionHigh Wood Country
Sea Elf20%
Alignmentchaotic good, chaotic neutral
DeitiesCorellon, Sathel, Sehanine
EnemiesCaradruk, Ormartheon
Established20 Hollow 59

The Kriavfahliil of this empire are descendants of the Gwildath. In 720 HE, their ancestors were sent to Bal-Kriav as colonists. They were doing their part in reducing the empire's population; following the measures laid down by the Gwildath Bureaucratic Codices. They were sent via a feywild fuse, one of several in Kriav's Morangrel region. After passing through this inter-system rift, they were on one of Bal-Kriav's larger islands. On Turgon isle, they founded the Nénharma settlement. Here they lived rather peacefully for two centuries. Then a religious war broke-out between two sects of Corellon worshipers. This war ended up splintering the people into two groups with part of the population remaining at Nénharma and another part leaving and establishing the Cirongwathir settlement.

In the Year 25, the last of the Cirongwathir left Turgon. The cause of this exodus was the opening of the Ungorth Reddik Road, a gateway to the Abyss. After having sailed or magically teleported north to the High Wood Country, they became citizens of Nápoldë. Three decades later, on 20 Hollow 59, Nápoldë became the capital of the Spirachiln Kingdom.

Spirachiln has a long history of seafaring. They are said to be one of the few elven cultures that enjoy the seas as much as being on land.

Spirachiln and the sea elves of Corallim have an unusual relationship. Most of the time they have a mutual protection pact along with many other tangled political dealings. A lot of this has to do with interracial marriages between Corallim's sea elves and Spirachiln's Kriavfahliil. This has led to alliances by marriages, adding a layer of complexity in each state's government, business, and guild politics. There have been several periods of rule when a kriavian elf king and sea elf queen have sat on the thrones. This intermingling of races has led to an openness in Spirachiln society where outsiders can become a citizen much more quicker than in most other elven nations.

Both the Spirachilns and the Corallim are plagued with territorial aggression by Caradruk and the Ormartheon. In the case of the tritons, these conflicts arise over the rich fisheries of Neithreth.

Spirachiln trades with the other elven peoples of the High Wood Country and by sea with Ivory Asylum and empires afar. The most distant trade routes are with Shounejo. The mercantile trade from Shounejo is carried by way of the Sea Tunnel and returned by using Emancers Teleporter.

The nation of Spirachiln has numerous mage guilds. Most pay homage to Corellon. Many of the leaders of these guilds have a strong influence on politics.

  • First Marwing War
  • Second Marwing War
  • First Pick War
  • Second Pick War
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