TypeDuergar sub-race

In the God Era, one of the forces serving under the Covenant general Naraz-Nâru, was the Mîmêk Army. Mîmêk is the Dwarven word for "dauntless". In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) this army executed military actions in the Underdark region Unaraggumak. After this great war, the unit disbanded. The Turkûn soldiers and all their attendants were left to their own devices.

With the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), the Mîmêk abandoned their olds posts in the Underdark, following old war tunnels upwards to the Maziggandîm Region. In 9494 GE, in the eastern part of Tazundurka where it joins the Rukhs, they founded Tarband-Khâl.

In 348 LE, the Mîmêk came into contact with the Lith-Crillion. Both had an interest in a very special area north of Tarband-Khâl. In the Demon Spawn War, it served as the abode of a revived primordial named Ingu'lumin. This primordial was known for his great intellect and engineering mastery. Unfortunately, the area of interest, the ancient edifice Nemexus, fell within the territory of Tarband-Khâl and was something they did not want to share. The two peoples could not come to an agreement over Lith-Crillion requests to explore this sensitive area, peace dissolved into conflict. This war became known as the Maziggandîm Conflict (348 LE - 355 LE). A Mîmêk legend of that time says they were tricked by dark powers, with the leaders believing that security would be found in the Underdark.

Yearning for the depths, something draws me there, my family, and friends have all left, a city of 30,000, only a handful of us left. The rest are in Unaraggumak. A number of holdings and settlements are spreading outward from Dushinbal.

It is not diabolical whispers, but an inner yearning like hunger or thirst that draws me to join my brothers in Unaraggumak's black reaches.

- rune tablet found at Tarband-Khâl

The growing might of their Lith-Crillion adversaries, coupled with diabolic influences coming out of Munarkûn, led to the abandonment of their surface holds. They descended into the dark reaches of Unaraggumak, heading for deep mining towns and holds that had traditionally been only populated by those on rotation. In the darkness of Unaraggumak, a millennia of diabolic influence followed. Those behind this were agents of Baalzebul, spreading the word of one of Hell's military governors. This worship, pacts with devil-kind, would irrevocably change the Mîmêk. Once Turkûn, they gradually became a new dwarven sub-race called the Duergar. Most of those on Bal-Kriav are descendants of the Mîmêk Army, and go by the more specific name for their people, the Mîmêk. They underwent a number of physical changes, making their existence in the Underdark more bearable. They became leaner, and their skin and hair turned dull gray like the stone around them. Some lost all their hair and where any would grow on their face or head, it became like the spiny quills of a porcupine. They also gained a number of boons from their diabolic taint like heightened stealth and alertness, spell-like abilities, and an immunity to paralysis, phantasms, and magical or alchemical poisons.

From the Khelan sector of Unaraggumak, Mîmêk have often spread to distant lands on Bal-Kriav by way of an elemental highway called the Earth Seam.

Racial Traits
Racial as duergar