Howling Wind

CategoryMage Guilds
RegionNorthern Hordelands
HeadquartersCysts of Morebhox
Symbolchurning cloud
Established10 Saunas 779

Howling Wind was established by a group of consummate conjurers and demonologists. Perhaps their darkest deed was when they used the Book of Infernal Secrets to summon a cunning demon named Yack-Leban. Tricked into thinking he was of the lesser sort, he would be their undoing. Howling Wind went on to summon other demons, spreading dissent and chaos across Yagamph lands.

When Yack-Leban gained sufficient power, he turned on the mages of the Howling Wind. Only 4 of 14 wizards that summoned him, survived his murderous onslaught. The remaining mages fled west, holing up Yagolorn's desolate wastes. In this area, they joined up with Theegans bandits. They traded secrets of the Book of Infernal Secrets to Theegan conjurers, gaining protection and a place to practice their arts across Yagolorn's underground bases. Since that time, the guild has expanded in size and the racial make-up has become more mixed.

Howling Wind still posses the Book of Infernal Secrets. Several spells have come into circulation from there possession of this ancient tome, spells like Wall of Ooze, Evil Weather, and Death by Thorns.

The guild has a number of underground bases, each reachable by a tunnel coming off the Cysts of Morebhox.