TypeThri-kreen sub-race
Creation3 Bloom 8211 DE
LanguageClack, Nidurrâb

The Auhtai are a Thri-kreen sub-race. Created by Semuanya, they were molded on the Thri-Kreen, given the capacity to become more civilized, becoming builders instead of nomadic hunters.

On Bal-Kriav, in the Lith-Crillion Era and into the Horgon Era they lived in the Hive Region. More intelligent than normal thri-kreen, and often skilled mentalist, they were a people more interested in science than trade or interaction with the peoples around them.

In 155, explorers out of Mechantus trekked deep into the Hive Region.

It proved to be a deadly expedition, high heat, a dryness and aggressive bug swarms. It took months to find someone able to decipher the Auhtai's writings, it was then that we learned that Lukoon smiled upon us, lucky that we did not encounter the bigger and more ravenous swarms.

- writing from the Hive 155 Expedition - "Lucky to have Survived"

The expedition's most interesting finds were alien, carapace-like structures that once served as the homes and research centers of the Auhtai. The largest they came across was the great ruin Seirsteutu. It is here they found the records saying how the Auhtai were overwhelmed by their own creations.

After the escape of the first Hive Swarm, the rest came about naturally, and fast. Over half an epoch, they would come to fill up and devour the lands around for hundreds of miles in all directions. We were simply competitors for the same food.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Species - Auhtai"

In addition to the Auhtai's experiments to improve upon certain bugs and controlling bug swarms, they researched into ways of using bug parts in construction equipment. As the Hive Swarms increased, efforts were put towards military applications. The result of this was the development of sonic weaponry, what the Auhtai called Päiki-Synhö.

In 201, Tragarans out of Lanirûk, explored the Ahutai's Tyn'calli ruin. It was then a barren place, the land stripped of vegetation for miles in all directions. Their most notable finds were crystal obloids containing the psyche of those Auhtai who wanted to live beyond the ravages of their land. Known as Auhtai Obloids, these devices were instrumental in opening the minds of those with psionic potential; leading to Lanirûk and later the Borillisk Empire becoming centers of psionic schooling and research.

In 341, Khazarkars found preserved Auhtai eggs at Tyn'calli. These were taken back to Akann'ndâb where alchemists incubated them. Several dozen survived at which point the special weapons division of the Athirbêni took care of them. The Auhtai were raised in the military, with a breeding program started to increase their numbers. The fast growth rate of the Auhtai allowed the Khazarkars to build up their military at a rate that far exceeded that of their enemies.

Like the other peoples of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), the Auhtai left with the Khazarkars, ending up in the Cinazan Region. In this cooler region, and extensive inbreeding, their numbers dropped off. By the Third Epoch, they numbered only 10,000 in Cinazan and much less elsewhere. In the 1700s, their numbers began to rebound. This came from Thri-kreen native to Kalaran, imported to strengthen Auhtai bloodlines.

Racial Traits
Racial as thri-kreen