Typethri-kreen sub-race

The Auhtai are an advanced thri-kreen sub-race. In the Lith-Crillion Era and into the Horgon Era they lived in the Hive Region. More intelligent than normal thri-kreen, and often skilled mentalist, they were a people more interested in science than trade or interaction with the peoples around them. Like the Lith-Crillion, their history is still being pieced together.

In 155, explorers out of Angvild trekked into the Hive Region. It was a hazardous expedition, with high heat and aggressive swarms of bugs. The most interesting finds were the alien, carapace-like structures of the Auhtai. In the largest of these, the great ruin Seirsteutu, Angvild's explorers learned that the Auhtai had been overwhelmed by their own creations. These creations were insects that were experimented on, with some having various parts of their body used in alchemy and in the development of sonic weaponry; what the Auhtai called Päiki-Synhö. The journals found at Seirsteutu, preserved in some insect ichor, frequently mentioned bugs escaping from the labs whereupon they roamed the countryside in groups. In the vault-like structure Senaisan, the intrepid explorers learned of fate of the Auhtai.

After the first hive swarm and its escape, more came about naturally. Over half an epoch, they would come to fill up and devour the Hive region. To the hive swarms, the Auhtai were simply competitors. Like their creators, some of the swarm's members proved intelligent. The Auhtai battled them for centuries, failing to control the infestations, they were nearly brought to an end.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Species - Auhtai"

In 201, Tragarans out of Lanirûk, explored the Ahutai's Tyn'calli ruin. It was then a barren place, the land stripped of vegetation for miles in all directions. The most notable find was crystal obloids containing the minds of a Auhtai hoping to prolong their psyche for eternity. These Auhtai Obloids were instrumental in opening the minds of those with psionic potential, making Lanirûk and later the Borillisk Empire, centers of psionic schooling and research.

In 341, Khazarkars found preserved Auhtai eggs at Tyn'calli. The ruin was now on the edge of wetland, rich in life. The eggs were taken back to Akann'ndâb where alchemists incubated them. Several dozen survived at which point the special weapons division of the Athirbêni took care of them. The Auhtai were raised in the military, with a breeding program started to increase their numbers. The fast growth rate of the Auhtai allowed the Khazarkars to build up their military at a rate that far exceeded that of their enemies. This is often attributed to how the Khazarkars gained dominance over Gulimbor, rather than as they would claim - "their superiority over other races".

Today, the lands of Gulimbor and Hive have few Auhtai. Most of them left these regions in the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), and by then their knowledge of their glorious past of scientific advancements had all been lost. It is said the Khazarkars keep that part of their past a state secret. In the Great Exodus, the Khazarkars went far north to Cinazan. In this cooler region, the Auhtai did not fare as well. Due to extensive inbreeding, their population began to weaken. By the Third Epoch, they numbered only 10,000 in Cinazan and much less elsewhere. In the 1700s, Cinazan's Auhtai began to see a rebound, with thri-kreen native to Kalaran, shipped in to strengthen bloodlines weakened from centuries of inbreeding.

Racial Traits
Racial as thri-kreen