Alignmentnon-evil, lawful
DeitiesArcana, 3-I, Ptah
Established26 Artifice 8784 GE

Gwildath was the first Kriavfahliil empire of the world Kriav. Ruled by a monarchy, it has a complex bureaucracy put in place to curb the people's natural entropic tendencies; a side-effect of the Cube Collapse of 1301 DE.

Bureaucracy was ingrained in the fabric of every Andrithiachian, it was the basis of laws formulated by the Gwildath, curbing the Kriavfahliil's natural entropic urges. The colonists that left Kriav for the faraway world of Bal-Kriav, brought the GBC with them. The Andrithiach followed the GBC, just as their ancestors once did at Celanil and where they still do in Gwildath.

- Caliguworm, personal journal, Series 21A, Book 4-1B, Entry 3-D5 - "Control the Natural Urge"

Gwildath welcomes worship of any god in their territories. The most widely worshiped are 3-I, Arcana, and Ptah; remarkable for the fact that none of them are elves. Not surprisingly it follows the GBC guideline of not selecting a friend or family, or one based on race alone, instead on the greatest value gained.

Gwildath Descendants of Bal-Kriav

Kriavfahliil of the world Bal-Kriav are descendants of those that came from Kriav. Most make the crossing as colonizers, movement done by way of feywild fuses. Gwildath has sent five groups to colonize Bal-Kriav's super region of Midrêth.

The first group to cross over occurred on 21 Bloom 330 HE. They arrived in the High Wood Country, establishing the Alatáriël settlement.

In 720 HE, another group settled on the isle of Turgon. Their first settlement was a place called Nénharma. After some time, this group splintered into factions, one was the city-state of Nénharma and the other was those of Cirongwathir.

In 730 HE, another group went to Turgon. These were families of noble birth who had been driven out after a failed secession. Their first settlement was Celanil. In the Phael-Tetramord War (10 - 25), Turgon's elves fled their island home. The Nénharma went north to the High Wood Country, eventually establishing the Rúmil Magocracy. The Cirongwathir went to the same region, settling along the coast; later establishing the Spirachiln Monarchy. The Celanil went far east, beyond the Pearl Sea, founding Tasartir on 25 Temporal 15.

In 129, Gwildath colonists were sent through a feywild fuse to Gwaeldior where they founded the settlement of Celebriän.

In 441, Gwildath settlers arrived in the then verdant valley of Inzurakthol. When this area suffered the effects of Amaglothorns Breath (791 - 841), they migrated southeast of the mountains, settling near the coasts where they established the syndicate of Tári Súrion.