Adrumul-Belkazim War

Period273 - 275
TheaterAzrik, Gulimbor
House Adrumul VS Kingdom of Belkazim

The war was a conflict between two great Minâth-Nôrî houses. House Adrumul sought the crown from the current rulers under House Belkazim. At the time the Belkazim, first noble house of the empire, had been ruling for the last 23 years. In the eyes of the Adrumul and several other prominent houses, they saw a lack of vigor with the rule of the Kingdom of Belkazim. The Adrumul stating they wanted to expand their mining and logging interests into areas south of Hedrac, a territory violation of the Treaty of Alêth, they instigated conflict with their Tragaran neighbors. This brought on war when House Belkazim, the crown, backed continued peace with the Tragaran peoples of Hedrac.

In 273, the war started when Chal-Kazod sided with Adrumul and her allied houses. Chal-Kazod decision to join the conflict was that she also coveted Hedrac's mountain resources that were far beyond the needs of Hedrac's "simple tribal peoples".

In 275, King Belkazim fell at the Battle of Githinnil. With his passing, confidence and support of the crown wavered. The civilian populace were alarmed with this first major civil war with Khazarkars fighting Khazarkars. The Belkazim nobility were hunted down and executed over the following months. Seemingly stronger, most of the populace rose up in support of the Adrumuls. On 16 Brighstar 275, the Kingdom of Adrumul became the new leaders of the Khazarkar people.