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When Glangveif (314 HE - 31) fell to the fire giants of Hofthorm, those lucky enough to find escape went far north, leaving the coasts of northern Brucrumus for lands north of the Nautrek Sea. On the continent of Elemantum, they settled in the central peaks of Bathurin. They built the ice hold Indraph on a frozen plateau buttressed with four icy unnatural spires. Kogrlund, the head shaman of their group, an old frost giant that had already seen 210 years, told his people that he had brought them across mountains, valleys, seas, and troubles to a land that will one day be covered in frost like their ancient homeland (Glarvard).

Crybhox, concubine of Thyrm, lies beneath us. When she is freed by sincere devotion and prayer, this land will mirror the ice and snow of Fimbulwinter.

- Indraph, from a speech to potential worshipers - "Releasing Crybhox"

Indraph is built around a holy site to Thyrm, the prison of his former Concubine General, asleep in Crybhox Rest. The four ice spires that face inward like fangs over Indraph are the arms of this ancient champion.

In the First Epoch, the residents of Indraph were magically enthralled by the wizard Igacin. This Nithian and his sister went on to fight a war between each other, with the fiery creatures of the land under one, and the frost brutes under the other. Under Igacin, Indraph was greatly strengthened and expanded. Hundreds of miles away to the east, his sister was raising an equally menacing fortress called Glothreth. What began as hundreds on each side, would grow to tens of thousands battling for control.

The Nilkhâs Feud was a chess game, Nithian brother and sister showing off their kinds magical might, the rest of us mere pawns.

- unknown

The competition between the two reached a breaking point when both began building special thrones, conduits for opening rifts to distant worlds.

After Igacin joined with his Glacial Throne, he opened the Indraph Rift (27 Lunar 751). Thereafter it became a magnet for icy minions of a faraway world named Fimbulwinter. This rift, a conduit to a frigid world, changed the surrounding climate, making it a perpetual winter with bone-chilling winds and frequently swept by blizzards.

Indraph is deep inside a glacier, with a mile of ice above and below it.

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