CategoryCities (Eenkai Void Pod)
Locationoceans of Bal-Kriav
Diiv Kiir5%
DeitiesBahamut, Tempestant
Built4 Dreamer 617

In the Bombing of Geb, Bathyl was one of three cities to escape Gebs Rain. Like the others, it came through the rifts of Tempestants Springs, leaving Gebs Rain for the world of Bal-Kriav.

The dark coral of this Nordern city is covered in patches of massive squid scales; some 30' in circumference. This city, like the other sea cities of Nordern, floats upon the water like a great barge. The coral walls and towers of the city are 80' thick in places. The place is what the Eenkai call their "Settlement City". It is heavily fortified, garrisoned, and built for the territorial expansion of Nordern. During their sea-locked time in the Bog Sea, the Norderns prepared for the day when they would reach the open seas, by sending emissaries and scouts into the vastness of Mephigax and into the sea Nielalroch, assessing what sea empires exist in each.

In 1829, the Norderns created the Mephigax-Bog Channel. This short-lived channel created a navigable channel between the Bog Sea and Nielalroch. The Norderns moved two floating cities, Bathyl and Biomechallum, out into the open oceans before the channel was closed.

The numerous sailing ships and submersibles of this city make it a floating citadel packed with a powerful navy. The presence of this city on the open seas has brought in much sea trade from landlubbers and aquatics. The city has a vast inner harbor - two miles across, and some of the most remarkable naval facilities on Bal-Kriav. Ship repairs and refurbishment are nearly all performed in massive dry docks, operated by not only huge mechanical devices, but also with the aid of sea giants. Bathyl's prices for such services are of course higher than normal (10-20%). This is to be expected when all of their wood has to be imported. Merchants can also procure exotic ships, submersibles, and goods in the city. Most of the products and food of Bathyl come from the seas. Their jewelry is of the finest workmanship, rivaling that of the royal jewelers of the Khazarkar Empire.

When extreme storms threaten the city, Bathyl sinks under the surface and dives to depths unimaginable to landlubbers. In these deep regions, called the bathyl zone (the deep sea region between 600 and 6,000 feet (183 to 1,830 meters)), the city lights up with an array of colors attracting fish and sometimes "unfriendlies". While submerged, an elastic membrane covers the city, protecting the top of the city from all but the most powerful attacks. Tears are quickly repairs by membrane golems, a unique creation of Eenkai scientists and wizards. The underside of Bathyl is protected by its garrison, thick coral walls, and schools of dolphins, whales, and other marine life.

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