Holentur War

Gul - Cinduk
Period210 - 222
Râpha-Sûn VS Ethenoran

The rise of Râpha-Sûn under Sussgurd rule brought them into contact with Ethenoran. A first this was peaceful, with both sides benefiting from trade. When it was seen that Ethenoran was expanding their territories in an arc, bottling up their future expansion, Râpha-Sûn started causing problems. Ethenoran's strength was based out of Holentur. Râpha-Sûn sent prospectors into this forest's western tracts, looking for the fabled Ethenoran Veins. These were veins of adamantine, a metal that Râpha-Sûn could only get from the Ethenorans. It was plentiful, yet sold as if were scarce. Those of Holentur, especially the wood elves, viewed it as a scared metal blessed by the gods. The wood elves liked it because it gave them a fey-like power to teleport between the trees; it was not the metal itself, but drinking the water that ran near it. Ethenoran was patient with the prospectors, escorting them out, and trying their best not to kill the trespassers. Râpha-Sûn grew tired of all this, sending in digging equipment and security forces. This happened at multiple points, with each group of the Ethenoran confederacy dealing with them in their own way. The localized conflicts spread, turning the affair into a full-blown war.

By war's end, Ethenoran's fey had all fled Holentur. The wood elves, those blessed with the ability to move through the woodland with magic grace, were either killed or sent back to Râpha-Sûn in chains.