Brachypelma Khaleddagun

Built6 Kindle 869

Sited near the western edge of Goldarah and buttressed by the peaks of Khizunul is the former Fargimdal fortress Khaleddagun. In 1826, at the Siege of Khaleddagun, the Drachdekai Pact captured the place. The invaders, neogi, umber hulks, illithids, and an assortment of creatures all alien to Bal-Kriav, planted their flag and began to take control of the area around it and into the deeps beneath. As promised in the articles forging the Drachdekai Pact, Arachnidion took ownership of what they renamed Brachypelma.

Numerous dwarves, elves, and other races, both surface and Underdark, serve the invaders as slaves and ultimately food for the ravenous neogi and brain devouring illithids. In fact, there are more slaves in the city than enemy forces making the place rife for insurrections and riots. Both dwarven and elven spies have been sent into the city on many occasions to organize these groups, assassinate enemy leaders, commit sabotage and instill confusion in the invaders. If the elves and dwarves can agree on anything, it is the liberation of the city and the death of the evil that grows here.

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