RaceDiiv Kiir

The Bile family are Diiv Kiir, dragon-descended, blood of a black dragon named Vahriz. Long ago, during the tribal days of the Tragarans back on Gulimbor, a group of witches forged a pact with a dragon. In return for the dragon's aid against a much more powerful Khazarkar tribe, the Thaoun gave their first born females to the dragon. The dragon promised to return some of them with a boon that would one day prove decisive against their enemies. The females that went off to copulate with the dragon had children with a mix of human and dragon blood. They came to be known as the Sons and Daughters of Vahriz, the first Tragarans born with dragon blood. Not long after birth, they were sent back to the tribe. As such, they had no mother or father around to raise and support them, so the tribe established a warrior school just for them where they were raised in a disciplined environment. By the third graduating class they numbered only 20, yet they were the most feared fighting force of the Tragaran tribes and had a bounties on their heads by their enemies.

By 297, the Tragarans of northern Gulimbor started down the road of civilization with the establishment of their first permanent settlement.

In 303, the scion of Vahriz mourned the loss of their dragon father. With him gone, the dragon-descended formed families, all taking the family name Bile; the word Vahriz is Draconic for Bile. To maintain purity and strength of the bloodline, every decade or so they infused new blood, sometimes going to great efforts to find a willing black dragon.

The Bile family came to prominence in the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty. The Bile's trained and bred warhorses, had thousand of acres of private land and horses in the many thousands grazing their lands. These herds made the Biles an important ally of Cal-Thaoun's leaders.

The Biles have produced many heroes and famous personages. In the Second Epoch they founded the Council of Bile, united the knightly fiefdoms that had been feuding since the fall of the Kal-Oni Empire.

The current ruler of the Council of Bile is King Phalc Bile, Son of Vahriz of the 10th Lineage. The term Son of Vahriz is a Diiv Kiir etymology for one descended from the blood of Vahriz, and Tenth Lineage means the tenth of his line to rule.

Notable Personages
King Rozol Bile, Son of Vahriz of the 1st Lineage founder of the Council of Bile
King Bile, Son of Vahriz of the 6th Lineage Bloodlines
King Phalc Bile, Son of Vahriz, of the 10th Lineage monarch of the Council of Bile
Krotoanarmy serving Lukoon
unrecorded history
Thaountribe of Sorfandien
Sons and Daughters of Vahrizdragon-blood descendants of Bile
Bileadopt the family name Bile
Council of Bileestablished an empire under their name
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