Hedrac Treaty

SignersEldritch Conclave, Borillisk Empire
Signed12 Lunar 999

This treaty was forged between the Eldritch Conclave, rulers of the First Khazarkar Empire and the defeated leaders of the Borillisk Empire. This declaration of peace and terms, ended the Hedrac War, leading to a choice of becoming a vassal state of the Khazarkar Empire or finding somewhere else to live. This happened during the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) when many were already planning for a massive relocation beyond the magical storms that were causing havoc across the Gulimbor Region.

The Hedrac Treaty gave Borliiskins safe passage out of Gulimbor's stricken lands. In return the Borillisk were forbidden to give aid to any of the other Rogue States warring with the Khazarkars Empire for a period of nine years. Half of Borillisk's population went to Sahuld where by the Hedrac Treaty they prevented ships of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), those of the Rogue States, from taking shelter along Sahuld's coasts or taking on provisions. Those they captured were turned over to the Khazarkar Empire.

I speak with the utmost confidence, even before they signed the treaty with the Conclave, Borilliskin leaders were under the spell of another. They were drawn to that fell island by something dark and scheming, perhaps a Mulun'nâth lich or something even darker from the light-less depths of Zen'nêlkhush.

- Ermikel the Balance, from Ermikel's Private Borillisk Archive - "Dark Calling"

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