Irthorn Okaaz Spiir

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasOkaaz Spiir
Founded29 Lunar 980 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

Okaaz Spiir, Draconic for Sea Spray, was built on the rim of Hokzii Rotmindol. The Arkhosians built it in this area for its high vantage point over Nahkropiik Vaal and large parts of Gorahrigir and Reyth Paagol.

When Arkhosia broke apart, the city fell victim to heavy raids and attacks. The concerted attacks came from the north by those seeking to put the city under new management. The raids came mostly from the south with Gorahrigir's plunder seeking hill giants.

By 1700 HE, the city was a shell of its former greatness. Most of the buildings were burned out and wild animals roamed freely through streets clogged with debris and vegetation. For the next two hundred years, the ruins of Okaaz Spiir served as refuge for various giant hunting parties and bandits. Around the Year 100, hill giants started rebuilding. They stabilized the area, driving off the bandits and monsters that once roam freely through the ruin. The hill giants renamed the place to Irthorn. The village of Irthorn grew and with its growth, other humanoids came to the area to seek their fortune. Some dragonborn, with lineage tracing back to families that once dwelt here, also came to the city and helped in adding a semblance of civilization to the area. Much of the administration and government functions for the settlement was performed by both Piamauza and dragonborn; the rulers though were hill giant chieftains. Irthorn would rise and fall many times over the next several hundred years, but by the Year 900 it was a powerful city-state. The city expanded down the cliffs, because they wanted a harbor to rival their kinsmen at Thithak. They built elevators and ramps to speed movement down nearly 1000' of cliff.

The city's harbor is sheltered from storms by the bay Nahkropiik Vaal. It is common to see both giant-sized and regular ships in Irthorn's harbor, for it the main commercial port for trading with foreign nations by many peoples of Hiznaar Goz.

In 1472, Irthorn became a holding of Oathundor.

The Tragarans claim that the southwestern coasts of the Aerie of Dragons have the best temperatures and weather condition of all of Brucrumus. As a result, the city has many Tragarans and other "smaller than giant" humanoids living here. Irthorn lower levels are frequently blanketed with fogs rolling in from Nahkropiik Vaal. On non-windy days, the upper levels of the city often have to cope with the foul odors blowing in from Fiit Storn. This stench can be overpowering with visitors vomiting and nauseated.

Like other holdings of Oathundor, the city has areas that are filthy and cluttered. These are usually the goblin and ogre quarters. These parts of the city are haven to vermin, and trash piles as tall as an ogre.

Notable Areas
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