CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentlawful neutral
Symbolcrossed tusks
Born4 Temporal 580
Godhood27 Dreamer 984
Died13 Temporal 985

In one of the variations of the Elderaunt origin myth Elephant Reverence, it says that on 4 Temporal 580, the mortal Jurmalon rose from the ashes of the titan Ilušur and the mastodon Thunderous Walker. Of the Irastâ tribe, Jurmalon became a charismatic leader, quickly rising to power. He unified the Elderaunt of Izagunbar, establishing the Tâchpachâr Empire on 11 Brightstar 921.

In 984, Jurmalon died of old age. Seeing him as the perfect representative of the Elderaunt people, a godless people, The Balance retrieved his soul from Limbo, sending it through the Temple of Ascension. His time as a Higher Power would be short. The day of his Ascension, dark powers conspired, assaulting the Temple of Ascension. Captured by Set, Jurmalon was imprisoned in the Black Chariot.

Inside the Black Chariot, Jurmalon was subjected to months of torture, sometimes brought to near drowning then nursed back to health. After six months of this, unable to take any more punishment, Jurmalon pleaded to Hades for release. Hades is said to have told him:

Once you have given up life, you also give up godhood and release the power of your domains to Set. He will get stronger with your death, he has the right to select part of you as his own.

- Hades, to Jurmalon - "Divine Release"

At the hands of Set, Jurmalon was killed on 13 Temporal 985. With his death, Set took Jurmalon's divine power, bolstering his mastery of the domain of Darkness.

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