RegionHigh Wood Country
Founded6 Temporal 27

Idril was founded by Nénharma refugees that fled Turgon in the Turgon Exodus.

Idril is the capital of Rúmil. The city is sited on the southern banks of lake Andreth and built among the valley's cliffs. The city has a beautiful architecture that like most elven holdings, is melded within the landscape. Many of the buildings in the city have trees growing through them or are themselves built in or on the trees. The trees of the city are very old and have grown very large thanks to helping hands and a bit of magic. The most dazzling aspect of the city are the motes of land floating above the city. Many of these floating islands have water motes in them, which results in great waterfalls falling into ponds or deep wells beneath them. These motes also hold bastions and aeries for flying creatures.

Because of its nature-like setting, the city has many treants, centaurs, sprites, dryads, and other fey roaming freely about.

Idril's most concerning threat is the fomorian which dwell in the dark reaches beneath them. The entrances to the light-less holdings of the fomorians are scattered through-out the forest and around some areas of the lake.

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