Forstneblin Forest Gnome

Transcended Forstneblin
TypeGnome sub-race
AliasForest Gnome
Creation9 Bliss 8750 DE

Forest gnomes, or Forstneblin in Gnim, are one of three gnome races created by Callarduran. Their civilization began on Bal-Kriav's continent Hezmort.

In the Demon Spawn War, Hezmort was invaded by the demon lord Jurusalax. The gnomes were so hard-pressed by the demons that Callarduran, their Creator, fought in the battles to stem the tide. At the time, there were rifts opening up all over the Quara'tun System, demon lords invading on many fronts. As a result, commanders like Ares, Athena, and Naraz-Nâru agreed that they could not save every area of the realm, some must be given up.

One hundred fiends against every Covenant soldier. We cannot save every area, some must be sacrificed for ultimate victory.

- Ares, quote from the Thuaxor Keozhal - "Strategem 11"

Ares sent his brilliant commander Asmodeus to Hezmort with orders for all angelic forces to pull out. Callarduran, first great leader of the Gnomes, refused to abandon his creations, battling to demons pouring through the Núlananya Rift. There were two camps under Callarduran, around 5,000 gnomes staying and fighting, hoping to win, and those that adhered to Covenant orders of pulling out. The first group that stayed behind, those that would become known as the Gimrune, ended up under the lash of their new demon masters. Those that retreated split up, one group of 4,000 or so fled into the Krephus Sink. They would become known as the Svirfneblin. The last group, terrified of eking out an existence underground, were taken away by Covernant dirigible airships; they became known as the Forstneblin.

After leaving the coasts of Hezmort, the Forstneblin became scattered in the winds, coming down all over the Brucrumus mainland. It is because of this "Scattering" as they call it, that Forstneblin civilizations are so small. Far from each other, they also have greatly varying cultures, some friendly, some xenophobic, and some as wicked as your typical goblin.

Forstneblins are very close to nature. Some even join with the Nature Energy around them, Transcending.

Racial Traits
Racial as forest gnome
Energy Composition
Life Energy55%
Nature Energy14%
Arcane Energy5%