TitleGrand Purveyor
Alignmentlawful neutral
BornHorgon Era

Nindonor was a talaxan with a thirst for ancient knowledge. He learned a great deal about the Lith-Crillion and of the Creation War. His secret missions to Aphalur and expeditions to places like Regadnîn, Piranoth Cyst (c.f. Year 209), Irrai, and others resulted in vast accumulation of lore. The things he learned, he wrote down on scrolls that became known as the Scrolls of Dawn.

Over a decade, Nindonor made dozens of trips to Aphalur. In 233, he was captured by soldiers of Akthol-Tharag and imprisoned. He was charged with violating the sanctity of Aphalur and theft. One of the items he stole was a coffer containing a scroll written by Naraz-Nâru.

... our victorious angels looked for a means to shatter the arch and seal this gateway to Chaos. Great magic, divine spells, and physical attacks failed to affect it. So, I forged three relics. When combined, they should be able to destroy the primordial device. The Sig Mak Gan is our only hope in destroying this Entropy Arch.

... with shield, gauntlet and pick-axe, I laid a dozen blows against it. It fell under Sig Mak Gan, purging the world that Bal-Kriav so nobly died for.

... to safeguard these great items, each will be put in the security of an Archangel.

- Naraz-Nâru, from an ancient scroll - "Arch of Chaos"