Elemantum Boundary Ward

RegionsAnubeth, Igas, Magrâbik
BuiltYear 769

When the Pumice Throne and the Glacial Throne were created, the lands of Igas and Anubeth were swept with elemental energy and material. The lands changed to be closer to the elements, with Anubeth becoming a volcanic and bleak landscape, and Igas turning glacial, tundra and bitterly cold. The activation of these thrones created two rifts. The Glothreth Rift opened between Bal-Kriav and the fiery world Muspelheim. The other is the Indraph Rift. It created an inter-system rift between Bal-Kriav and the icy world Fimbulwinter. These rifts became bridges, where creatures of thse faraway worlds easily crossed over to another world as if they were crossing a stream.

The empires Flaemis and Artaxertus were built up from all those coming through. This led to the Thrones War, a conflict now in its eleventh century.

In 753, two years after the start of the Thrones War, raids and incursions began spilling over into the territories of three wizard-governors of Tamlêrran. They were hard pressed fighting the hordes of creatures that came against them. They used magic to create great walls and deception to turn armies against their more hated foes. These measures were only a temporary reprieve because the elemental forces were replenishing their losses far faster than the Tamlêrran could handle.

We cannot continue this struggle with the Thrones and their minions for much longer. They grow stronger and we grow weaker. For five years we have waged bitter war, with genocide on the minds of our enemies. We must pour all our resources into a ward that will contain Igas and Anubeth. Something of this magnitude has never been done before, but we have the magical might and engineering to do what none others can do.

- Zenduram Minutes, record on the Elemantum Boundary Ward

Tamlêrran poured all their magical resources, wealth and man-power to creating a great ward to cover all of Igas and Anubeth. In 758, the first two anchors of what would become six Magrâbik Monoliths were built on the southern edge of Magrâbik. Along the northern edges of Igas and Anubeth, a force field rose that prevented further elemental bleeding into Magrâbik. It also prevented the movement of any living things from passing. In Year 769 it was completed, containing all of Igas and Anubeth within it. The Elemantum Boundary Ward is impenetrable by all means except the elements and the weather. No creature, living, dead, or using magic can breach it. This is not to say that breaches don't occur in wards. They do happen, but they can be repaired.

In 868, a gap was made in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. A Flaemis force came through this opening and stealthily made their way up the Indûrbathuk valley. This led to the Battle of Ahi Nute and the legend of The 222.

In 1829, the northern areas of Midrêth were swept by a great storm of chaos. This storm is known among the learned as the Chaos Maelstrom. Its prolonged presence in the area froze the Nautrek sea. It also created a large gash in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. The Flaemis learned of this rupture a week later and mobilized an expeditionary army. This force under Field Marshall Sorenass crossed the breach and walked across a frozen sea that now served as a land-bridge between Elemantum and Brucrumus. A few months later, this Flaemis force joined a great conflict called the Cinazan Front. It took Tamlêrran's wizard governors almost two years to seal the breach in their ward. It's closing, left the Flaemis's Brucrumus Expeditionary Force stranded in foreign lands.

The Elemantum Boudnary Ward has been passed by using Phaze Keep. This was done in 1801, when Crimson Eye used the device in their adventurers across Elemantum.