Built24 Dreamer 532

Limbgud is a an adamantine fortress-monastery in the hills of the Morath Forest. It is not of this world. It was built in the Sea of Entropy where the forging and shaping of adamantine is said to like weaving a basket. The Zisi-Nul built this place as a retreat for deep contemplation, studying order, destiny, entropy, and destruction. Floating in the endless expanse, at the heart of the universe.

In 714, Limgud was hit by a very powerful elemental storm. This was chaotic weather, powered by the energies of Chaos. Limbgud's garrison was never heard from again, and the whereabouts of the monastery lost.

In 769, Blac'drugulois and a company of war trolls came upon an abandoned alien fortress. His search of the place resulted in a cache of scrolls and books on Limbgud's former residents. A powerful psionicists in his own right, Blac'drugulois took an interest in the Zisi-Nul.

In 997, having been told of the location of their old fortress, the Zisi-Nul re-occupied Limbgud.

In 1115, the Githirmil pushed into this area. A few years later, they built the settlement Kotharlarg within view of Limgud. Blac'drugulois, now emperor of the Orchish Empire, declared Limbgud a restricted area, property of the Zisi-Nul.

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