Built24 Dreamer 532

Limbgud is an adamantine fortress-monastery in the Morath Forest. An alien place, it was built in the Sea of Entropy where forging and shaping of adamantine is said to be like weaving a basket. The builders, the Zisi-Nul, initially made the place as a retreat for deep contemplation, studying order, destiny, entropy, and destruction.

In 714, Limgud was hit by a elemental storm. Chaotic weather, powered by the energies of Chaos, it wiped out Limbgud's garrison. Going silent, the monastery was thought lost.

In 769, Blac'drugulois and a company of war trolls came upon Limbgud. They learned that the storm of 714 had pulled the monastery through a rift, taking it out of the Sea of Entropy, sending it to the world of Bal-Kriav. Inside the ruin, Blac'drugulois found a cache of scrolls and books on Limbgud's former residents. A powerful psionicist in his own right, Blac'drugulois took an interest in the Zisi-Nul.

In 997, having been told of the location of their old fortress, Limbgud was re-occupied by the Zisi-Nul.

In 1115, the Githirmil pushed into this area. A few years later, they built the settlement Kotharlarg within view of Limgud. Blac'drugulois, now emperor of the Orchish Empire, declared Limbgud a restricted area, property of the Zisi-Nul.

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