Mandate of the Heavens

Typedivine lore

At the end of the God Era, the Hall of Edicts issued a decree to all Higher Powers that direct intervention in the Mortal Systems would result in punishment. This would be doled by economic means or war. A legislative branch was formed to carry out the will of the Hall of Edicts. The enforcers of the punishment would be decided upon as needed.

In the Horgon Era, the Mandate of the Heavens was losing its effectiveness. The most notorious god to break it and not get punished was Poseidon. Twice in the Horgon Era, he wiped out mortal populations on the world Bal-Kriav, the first was the Sundering of Ghol Markúl and the second the Sinking of Hleirim.

The Balance, formed in the first year of the First Epoch, was established to enforce the Mandate of the Heavens. One of their first acts was making Talos a Higher Power. This was done to counter Poseidon's actions, adding another to the pantheon for competition and hopefully lead to the dilution of Poseidon's divine power.

Violations of the Mandate of the Heavens
Auhtai LongevitySemuanyaLith-Crillion Era
Creation of the HobgoblinsMaglubiyet632 LE
Lava Flood WarSurtur125 HE
Sundering of Ghol MarkúlPoseidon14 Bloom 1003 HE
Sinking of HleirimPoseidon4 Witchrite 1890 HE
Making of the JaraKrak-Oth13 Saunas 43
Poseidons WavePoseidon1317
Othrangad CataclysmThe Balance1200
Entropic EddiesLolth1299
Duplicity PeriodNeld-Rac1529 - 1538
Tempestants SpringsTempestant1692
Danzar-Khâls HammerDanzar-Khâl1703