CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
Alignmentlawful evil, lawful neutral
Reign526 HE - 1612 HE
Enkii JuskKrein JuskIizus Yeldah

Mir'piamauza was a Piamauza empire founded early in the Horgon Era. Mir is an Infernal word that when used as part of another word has the meaning of something female, or in honor of some female. It was used in the empire's naming to honor the mothers responsible for creating the Piamauza race. It has been said that Asmodeus was against this choice of name, telling his mortal priests that it would cause division and likely lead to a matriarchal society akin to those found with the Drow.

The empire's center of influence was Kathodrarg. This was the first settlement the so-called Scions of Asmodeus founded when they came to Bal-Kriav. With tons of gold and adamantine as resources, they took to establishing schools of the arcane, the sciences, the arts, and many others. Some of the most powerful arcane lore they learned was that traded to them by the eldritch giants of Gulfrek Hjard. It is thought that these normally selfish giants provided this knowledge, knowing that their students would eventually bring ruin upon themselves; it was these eldritch giants that began referring to an impatient person as one with the Patience of a Piamauza.

The Mir'piamauza Empire, with an abundance of gold, more than even what Kathodrarg's mines could pull out, resulted in a period of great prosperity. The source of all this extra gold getting into the economy, often causing long period of inflation, came from off-world. Long after the fall of Mir'piamauza, the ruins of Kathodrarg revealed a ledger that detailed the movement of gold from the world Nessus to Bal-Kriav via the Onk'ar Decath. It was to be learned that these gold shipments were part of a diabolic plot, with Asmodeus giving the Piamauza an edge, a way of destabilizing their neighbors for future conquests.

The devils think in terms of decades, centuries. Some of their schemes and plots are thousands of years old, perhaps waiting for the time to trigger, where one will fall and be consumed by another.


In 1209 HE, the Mir'piamauza exploratory ship Trielasog passed into the Sea Tunnel. Entering the great whirlpool Lokzii Ven, they were taken 900 miles in an hour; it was remarkable time, yet random, some times a journey along this ancient sea canal can take much longer or much shorter. The journey ended when the Trielasog struck a great water spout whereupon they were lived upwards passing through the waters of a surface lake as if it were fog, then coming to rest on the mixing waters of a lake called Lokzii Ahraan, the Angels Wound. After reaching this lake's southern shore, they planted Mir'piamauza's flag of Nine Rings, founding the settlement Varrogrith. From this place, Mir'piamauza's territorial interests spread outward, and in less than a decade, clashing with those of the Zeymah'kein.

The Zeymah'kein and the Mir'piamauza are destined to wage war. Like us, the Piamauza, the Scion of Asmodeus, have a warrior tradition, and worse a desire to dominate those around. They have all female units that taken a particular delight in slaying males.

- Negmarni, Zeymah'kein historian - "The Piamauza Menance"

In 1216 HE, hostilities broke-out between the two. Over the next three centuries, there would be many battles and four great wars.

When Mir'piamauza fell, her population scattered. Many fled north by ship and settled in Skegjold and some went further to the distant shores of Magrâbik where they became citizens of Tamlêrran. In the later stages of their wars with the Zeymah'kein, the Mir'piamauza with heavy purses, forged alliances with the drow of Dhaunril'yraen and other small states. When Mir'piamauza fell, nearly ten thousand Piamauza fled into the under reaches joining these former allies.

Today, descendants of Mir'piamauza are spread across the surface and beneath eastern Brucrumus. The largest concentration of them are found in the city-states Azrunâth and Kel'gah. Those that went to Cinazan established a short-lived empire called Draguron; the remnants of this empire were later absorbed by the Khazarkar Empire.