Corungrall - Krein Jusk

RegionAerie of Dragons
MapKrein Jusk

In the mountains of Sendaar Jusk is a towering peak of basalt and obsidian. A fortified spire, it is called Corungrall. In the Horgon Era it was a mining site for hobgoblins seeking iron. Their digging brought them into contact with the Molcombur. They warred over the deeper tunnels for decades. The arrival of a blue dragon named Glagengrane changed the course of conflict in favor of the hobgoblins. Victorious, they went on to serve two masters, Glagengrane, and the hobgoblin chieftain Durgol, a joint rule that would only last a few months. A heated argument between the two led to the surprising defeat and death of the dragon. Word of this great feat spread far and wide, leading to a swelling of the ranks within Corungrall, giants, goblins, and hobgoblins joining the dragon slaying chieftain.

News of Glagengrane's death was picked up by the dragon cultists of Whitefang. Looking to get into Vith Alok, Whitefang was tasked with creating a dracolich. A year after the death of Glagengrane, news spread that a powerful skeletal dragon had slain Durgol and driven out his minions. Glagengrane made Corungrall his home for more than a century. In the upper areas of Corungrall were stationed Whitefang soldiers, warlocks, and priests of Tiamat.

In 434, Corungrall was attacked by the adventuring group Platinum Six and several hundred bariaur mercenaries from Aldintir. Their goal of was to rid the area of the dracolich Glagengrane and the Whitefang cultists. Glagengrane was killed and most of the Whitefang garrison wiped out. Thereafter, Corungrall became the new headquarters for the dragon cult Vodrerak.

Notable Areas