RegionLands of Purity
Built14 War March 96

Kharal-Gik is a bridge comprised of of six spans. The total length of the bridge is two miles and it is very wide, 200' where it meets land. This road leading across this bridge is the quickest land route between the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb. It is not a path for evil forces though, for the bridge is owned by the dwarves of Guthnimor.

Kharal-Gik is a very strong bridge, reinforced with mithril and made of lava stone. It is protected by dwarven runes that have resisted most spells that seek to topple it or break it apart. A few attempts have been made to take the bridge by force, but all have ended in disaster for the attackers. For not only does an attacker face a series of pillboxes, towers, drawbridges, cannon batteries, crack dwarven troops, but also a retinue of dragons that have lived amongst the dwarves for a thousand years.

For non-evil travelers, the toll for crossing the bridge is 10 silver per head and 1 gold piece per wagon.

Notable Areas