Mazâd-Khâl is a wasteland prone to explosive eruptions, lava flows, and noxious gases. It is the home of red dragons, fire giants, and others of fiery passion. In the First Epoch, Ivory Asylum controlled this area. They dug the rich mineral veins and used the extreme heat of the sub-surface lava rivers to fabricate fabulous weapons. Without regard to the dwellers beneath the surface, miners tore the earth asunder in search for natural resources. This went on for a period of thirty years. Unable to bear the reckless plundering of their Underdark realm, the Stone Wardens opened the Earth Valve - a relic that caps a tributary of the Great Vein of Surtur. In 978, the fiery river was released upon Mazâd-Khâl destroying dwellings and filling mine tunnels for 20 miles in all directions. The elderaunt city Tigošal had to be abandoned. After this fiery destruction, Ivory Asylum was warned of their reckless plundering. The elderaunts signed a treaty with them, abandoning the area.