Yagolorn Teeth before Briltarn
RegionNorthern Hordelands
OwnerWitch Horde
Founded13 Witchrite 60

Briltarn started out as a tower. It was built as part of an early warning system for chaos abominations coming out of Yagolorn. Back then, the Theegans were pretty weak as a people, having fled the Tribe Steppes after the fall of Araj and then faced with marauding jara and very large nomadic bands of gnolls. They were unprepared for the things that came out of Yagolorn so they built watch towers to warn the people to flee as far away from the area as possible. After the Theegans learned how to guide these creatures north into jara territory, Briltarn began to grow into a settlement. The people came to this area, one on the border of a wasteland infused with the energies of Chaos, because of the potential wealth to be made. This wealth comes in the way of scavenging Yagolorn for crystals, raw ore, gems, and oddities found in abundance in Chaos, yet rare on Bal-Kriav.

Whenever an anomaly happens in Yagolorn, something is left behind when it is gone. The rift to Chaos closes on its own or as the witches say - patched up by the spiders of the weave. Then the scavengers come out in droves, with many leaving out the Entropic Gates of Briltarn to make their fortune. They may be lucky, but those daring enough to camp in the wastes have a better chance of making a find - but then they have to be strong enough to keep it from some low-life scavenger that knows one good find could supply his family for a year, or a few months of high quality whores.

- NalunnĂ¢th, self-proclaimed Master Savenger of Briltarn, "The Riches of Yagolorn"

The process of luring monstrous abominations north into the lands of your enemy is not full-proof. Sometimes, the beasts are themselves too cunning to be duped. Briltarn has suffered from these more intelligent specimens, being reduced to ruin on five different occasions. This destruction has not stopped the people from returning and rebuilding the place. Some of the ruins of these previous builds are scattered around the city. This was intentionally done, creating a field of debris that breaks up enemy formations and makes the ground dangerous to gallop across, which is particularly useful versus the jara. These jumbles of debris, the Yagolorn Teeth, also serve to slow any behemoth that may crawl or trample out of Yagolorn.

Briltarn is a holding of the Witch Horde. Because of its proximity to the great plains of Arnandab and Tadab-Hal, it has come to be a training center for riding and corralling horses. It also has the largest number of horse breaking and animal husbandry areas than any other place on Brucrumus.

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