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Built in the First Epoch, Thular-Tûr was a massive fortress of the Burterinii Monarchy. It guarded the kingdom's southern border with the First Khazarkar Empire. In the Conclave War (995 - 999), the Eldritch Conclave took the Khazarkar Empire to war against the Burterinii. The Siege of Thular-Tûr was the war's first major action. Lasting over a year, a bitter siege, the nascent magocracy of the Khazarkars was looking weak. Looking to prove themselves, the Conclave called out their web weavers. Their reckless disregard for the Web of Magic led to a magical storm that turned Thular-Tûr into a ruin.

It was 996, the third crossing of Urok-Leptyr. A storm was rolling in from the coast, but it was not anything any of us had ever seen or heard of - a maelstrom of magical lightning, tornadoes, and a radiance of colors of the entire spectrum. It tore through the landscape leaving behind lightning storms, plumes of fire, and in some places levitating rocks and other debris straight up. These were all from magic and in no way natural. The storm wiped out an infantry brigade of magic warded troops like a reaper. The few that survived were no longer Khazarkar or even human, some were twisted aberrations of their former selves, while other were polymorphed, changed, or perhaps shape changed into dire beasts and monsters. The storm demolished the enemy hold of Thular-Tûr. For many years thereafter, the ruins were plagued with horse-like monstrosities with long trunks. These beasts disenchanted even the greatest magic upon touch and were impervious to most spells. On the rise of Khâls Forge, we marched northeast towards Ing-Serold. Looking back, the split in the Web was clearly visible a mile out to sea. They say the magical storms spilled from it long after we were forced to leave this continent.

- Tânôzar, web weaver of the Eldritch Conclave - "Chronicle of the Conclave War"

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