Astral Sea

AliasHighway of Creation, 4th Dimension

The Astral Sea is one of four dimensions of Nawirrûs. It covers an area equal to the size of the Core Dimension; the one with stars and worlds. Since the Dawn Era, the Astral Sea has served as a highway for funneling energy and matter from Chaos to places in the Void where Creationists built and continue to build worlds. Without using this dimension, where travel can be many times faster than traveling the Void, they would not have been able to build anything beyond the Elemental Ring Worlds in the time that they did.

Sometimes called the Highway of Creation, this 4th Dimension is littered with the raw debris of Creation. It is a dangerous landscape where specially designed ships are used to navigate it safely.

The most efficient way of traversing the Astral Sea is via psychic energy.

  • Half a degree off course ... a month or more lost.
  • Food and water running low.
  • Air getting dirty. Reminder to self, buy the next air mote you come across - No matter the cost!
  • Rather than die out here, every one has volunteer to hook up to the leech drives.
  • Either vegetables, or brains emptied with the result being death. Its no different than the seas, death will just come in a different way.
  • We made it, me and two others.

- Sarn'tat, captains log of the Void Gale - "In the Gray Sea"

In the Astral Sea, trajectories are all over the place, with things moving about in all directions, some on a steady course, others drifting aimlessly. Forward impacts are largely prevented, or dulled, by the bows of astral ships, or by traveling a much slower speed. The problem with traveling slow is the vastness of the area around, as big as Nawirrûs.

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