Stream of Immortality

RegionNorthern Hordelands
BuiltDawn Era

The Stream of Immortality is a stream located in Achamâz. It runs through an underground hospital that was used by the angels during the Dawn War. The blood of angels, and even gods, mixed with this stream, giving it a powerful blessing. Waters from the stream function as longevity potions and nullify any restrictions that may be in effect versus divine denial of raising the dead - such as when Hades is a major power.

Reaching the Stream of Immortality is no easy task. Achamâz is guarded by powerful creatures and laden with defenses to keep out interlopers. Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc claims to have drank from it many times before he became a hell knight. Another said to have drank its mystical waters is Phîn Râlda, founder of the bardic academy at Malêth Sônê.