Shou warrior
Typehuman sub-race
Creation17 Bloom 8644 DE

Shou are a lithe human race concentrated on the continent Amachan. They have a yellowish to golden skin, large golden eyes, and a more slender build than your typical Tragaran. They are descendants of nine mortals that were illegally created by the sword archon Zhusalax. When on trial for her illegal use of a life forge, she said she made these mortals first out of curiosity, but then realizing what beauty could be wrought, she kept making them. In the God Era, Zhusalax was Ascended to godhood. The Shou became her first worshipers.

Shou culture is based around Geejudan - one with boy, mind, and soul. The interpretation of this cultural ideal is open to the follower. It could take the form of flagellate monks that daily flail themselves to purge the soul of chaotic influence, or just the opposite with the entropic barbarians of Qibemjues who claim that when they commit rapine and slaughter, they are opening the way for the infinite energies of Chaos. Between these two extremes of Law and Chaos, there are variations of the two, but one thing is for certain, nearly all Shou of Kalaran practice Geejudan.

Racial Traits
Mind Over Body +2 Will
Touch of Zhusalax +1 Intelligence
Racial as human