Founded12 Lunar 721

Zujukiz was founded by the Shou warlord Norato. This monk warlord built a great monastery that became the training center for a society of monks preferring to use their limbs over mundane weapons. In the wars to unite the warlords under a central authority, Zujukiz grew to be a citadel housing peoples caught in the middle of conflict zones. Upon the establishment of Shounejo, Zujukiz became its capital city.

Zujukiz is a beautiful city sited on the slopes of Armuqul Qunzul. The waters of this peak flow down into the city through terraced waterfalls and a maze of aqueducts that are more ascetic than practical. In the Second Epoch, water motes were added to the city, supplying fresh drinking water. This replaced the mineral heavy water coming off the mountain. The multitude of aesthetically pleasing structures, colorful stones in their pillars, statues, and monuments, along with massive ornate vases holding fauna make this city a crown achievement of Geejudan thinking.

The bustling trade of Zujukiz has given it the name City of One Hundred Markets. The beauty, commerce and size of the city makes it one of the top ten cities of MidrĂȘth.

The first ju-ju zombies were made by the necromancers of Zujukiz. They were made for military purposes to guard the passes leading down from Qibemjues. They harried the advance of barbarian raids during the early days when Zujukiz was just a walled town. In the Second Epoch, the practice was outlawed in all Shou lands.

Notable Areas
  • Norato Martial - academy
  • Sarorvar facilities
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